Space Rental
Cypress Manor’s rental rate is based on 8 continuous hours of rental. Additional rental hours, exceeding the rental hours mentioned below will be charged, in increments of hours. All events must end NO LATER THAN midnight (i.e. 12:00 AM). All post event clean-up / tear down by Renter shall be completed no later than 1:00 AM. Any exception in rental time will be clearly noted.
Add ons to Space Rental
Additional rental hours                                                                                                                                                $200/hr
Up Lighting Package (8 LED Wireless fixtures)                                                                                                         $250
Sound Equipment & Technician (Sound Technician only for 4 hrs.)                                                                       $250
Overhead Projector                                                                                                                                                      $250
Speaker System                                                                                                                                                              $250
Pipe & Drape                                                                                                                                                                   $250
Catering Fee: 10% of total food and beverage charges. This fee is due 72 hours prior to event date.
Catering and Bar
Cypress Manor has compiled an approved list of caterers for your use and you must choose your caterer from the approved list. These companies have met our strict standards before being granted the privilege of serving our clients. All food served at Cypress Manor must be prepared in a licensed and inspected facility with a Grade A sanitation rating.
Alcohol Use
a)  Self-serve alcohol is NOT permitted. Brown bagging is ILLEGAL and strictly PROHIBITED.
b)  Renter agrees and warrants that there shall be NO CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL BY PERSONS UNDER AGE 21.
Further, Renter shall monitor all services and specifically acknowledges that Renter is solely liable for the consumption of any alcohol by any person on the premises and that such liability shall extend to any aspect regarding the consumption of alcohol. Renter shall indemnify and hold Cypress Manor and its owners harmless from all liability for improper use of alcohol.
c)  A North Carolina State ABC Permit is required for “hard liquor” or any drink mixed with hard liquor and a copy of the ABC Permit must be provided to Cypress Manor at least a week before the event and displayed at the bar during the event. Single event liability insurance is strongly recommended for the Renter’s protection. All alcohol will be consumed ONLY inside the premise.
d)  Cypress Manor reserves the right to end any event IMMEDIATELY if these policies are violated.
Set-up and Tear down
Set-up time shall be included in the Rental time, unless other arrangements are made and clearly noted in the Rental agreement with Cypress Manor. All Renters, guests, caterers, musicians and vendors shall be out of Cypress Manor one hour after the event’s scheduled ending time. Clean-up of Cypress Manor will be completed no later than one hour after the end of the scheduled ending time. Any clean-up time set aside by the Renter shall be included in the Rental Time. Renter will supply and use reasonable and adequate table coverings during the event. Renter shall adhere to the following instructions for clean-up of the facility:
(a) Banquet Room: Table trash, cups, plates, plastic ware, cake, food, decorations, etc. will be gathered and placed in proper receptacles. All cups will be emptied into the sinks before being placed in the trash receptacles.
(b) Kitchen/Bar Area: The kitchen is to be left as it is found. Caterers are responsible for cleaning the kitchen and bar areas. A check list will be provided. Renter has to make sure that the caterer will take all the trash to the back and place it inside the garbage bins located outside the kitchen.
(c) Carpets, Stage & Hardwood area: Trash will be picked up from all the areas by the Renter. Any necessary clean-up required by Cypress Manor of any items (a) through (c) will be charged and withheld from the deposit.
Basic Guidelines
a)  The maximum capacity permitted by Wake County law for events inside the facility is 500.
b)  Candles with open flames are prohibited. Floating candles, votive and enclosed pillar candles in glass may be used.
c)  No rice, confetti or other unapproved “celebration materials” shall be allowed inside or outside the facility.
Smoke machines, fog machines and sparklers are STRICTLY PROHIBITED inside the building. Renter is responsible for providing receptacles for disposal of extinguished sparkers and cleaning of grounds. Please check with Cypress Manor if a certain material is approved. Any violation may result in loss of partial or the full Security Deposit.
d)  All foods, drinks and any other materials that stain, damage or otherwise disfigure flooring, walls or any other part of Cypress Manor will incur cleaning charges based on the damage. If damage occurs, Cypress Manor will contract all repairs to be made by skilled professionals; charges for repairs will be deducted from Renter’s Security Deposit. In the event that repair costs exceed the amount of Security Deposit, Renter will be responsible for the entire repair over and above the Security Deposit.
e) Smoking Cypress Manor is a non-smoking facility and smoking is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. All smoking should be done ONLY on the outside away from the front porch, in the parking lot and the cigarette butts disposed of properly. Renter is responsible for picking up cigarette butts after the event. The use of chewing tobacco, snuff or any other smokeless tobacco product is strictly prohibited inside the Cypress Manor. Receptacles for smokeless tobaccos or “spit-cups” found in the premises after an event will constitute immediate forfeiture of the entire Security Deposit.
f)Alterations to the facility are NOT permitted. Pictures, lamps, furniture and other day- to-day decorative accessories may not be relocated or removed from the premises. Renter agrees that if decorations are attached, it shall be attached to the walls, ceilings, existing wall decorations, woodwork, ceiling fixtures, window treatments, ONLY by removable tapes. Renter agrees that decorations attached by the renter will be completely removed, including the tapes and disposed of in a proper manner at the end of the event. No nails, staples, screws, pins, adhesives of any kind may be put into walls, ceilings or floors. No adhesive tapes may be placed on any surfaces.
Kitchen Usage
The kitchen is a “warming or staging” kitchen only and shall not be used for preparation of meals for guests. Caterers or serving personnel may use the designated refrigerator, ice machine, stain-less steel tables/countertops for service at the event and with permission from Cypress Manor personnel. At no time may caterers use any serving utensils, food, beverages, containers or any other equipment found in-house. The kitchen shall be left in the condition it was found. Food shall be scraped into the disposal, dishes rinsed, and the sink and floor shall be clean. Caterers or serving personnel may not use the stove or/oven. Failure to do so shall result in cleaning charges deducted from Renter’s Security Deposit.
Catering Fee: 10% of total food and beverage charges. This fee is due 72 hours prior to event date.
a)  A ceiling mounted multimedia projector is available for the Renter at a reasonable cost. The projector may NOT be moved. The Renter is responsible for bringing a laptop for displaying pictures or videos. A RS-232 cable is available to connect the projector to the laptop.
b)  PA or electronic amplification system is available for use at a reasonable cost. DJ’s and bands or other entertainers pre-approved by Cypress Manor are allowed to use this system. This system may be used for background/dinner music, playing of audio for a program, announcements, toasts, etc. Renter will be responsible for any damage to system, speakers or any component from misuse or abuse of the system by the Renter or a guest. PA and music system use will be supervised by Cypress Manor personnel.
c)  Cypress Manor has wireless Up Lighting package (8 - Chauvet FreedomPar Quad-5 RGBA Wireless LED White lights) at a reasonable cost.
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